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Quarterly Risk Management Tip

Wheelchairs without Foot Pedals

In an attempt to facilitate greater independence, many providers have removed the foot pedals from resident wheelchairs, allowing residents to freely navigate themselves around the facility by using their feet while sitting in their chairs. Unfortunately, problems can arise when caregivers decide to help the resident along by taking control of the wheelchair and pushing them without properly safeguarding the resident's feet. Often, staff will ask residents to simply lift their feet while they travel. Unfortunately, frail residents can easily drop a foot while in route, causing them to be thrown from their chair and subsequently injured.

In order to keep residents safe and free of injuries, please ensure that this dangerous practice is stopped in your facility. Staff should instead take the time to attach foot pedals to the wheelchairs before attempting to transport the resident. Work with your therapy department to assess the needs of these residents and provide adequate equipment, staff training and auditing as needed.

Product Spotlight

Access Your 10 Free Credit Hours

In the fall of 2013, GuideOne Risk Resources for Health Care (GORRHC) announced the company's new relationship with CE Solutions, a Division of VGM Education. As a policyholder, this new relationship will give you access to a quality online training program for your nursing assistants and nursing staff!

With this program, your facility can utilize 10 credits of free, online continuing education for your nursing assistants and/or nurses per location. This means if you have a nursing facility and assisted living community at your location, the staff at those facilities will share access to the 10 free hours. It is up to you how that time is split among the staff. The courses currently available to you are: Managing Aggressive Behaviors in the Elderly (1 credit) and Preventing Falls in Long-Term Care (1 credit).


Begin taking advantage of this program today by following these procedures:

  1. Complete the Employee Sign-Up form available at discovercesolutions.com/guideone.
  2. Email or fax the completed form(s) to CE Solutions. CE Solutions will then email you a username and password.
  3. Once you receive your log-in information, go to discovercesolutions.com/guideone and enter your username and password. The GuideOne portal page will appear.
  4. Click Courses and choose your course.


Take advantage of this great opportunity for further education/training from GORRHC and CE Solutions. Get started today by visiting discovercesolutions.com/guideone. Should you have any questions about this program, please call your CE Solutions customer service representative (CSR) at 866-650-3400.


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