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Incident Triggers to Report

After an incident occurs, many providers wonder if it's significant enough to report to their agent. While there is no perfect list of triggers to help them know when to report, the following are some guidelines that will help:

  • Injury clearly resulting from a deviation or failure to follow the care plan – e.g. resident care planned for assist of two, but was being assisted by one when fall occurred.

  • An incident/injury that resulted in discipline/counseling with staff for failing to follow the care plan or facility policy. That is, situations in which they have already acknowledged that the staff needed more training and or did something wrong related to the incident – e.g. improper use of gait belts, hoyer lifts, sit to stand lifts, etc.

  • Any injury where the family is holding the facility responsible and is threatening a lawsuit.

  • An injury related to alarms or equipment not working due to maintenance issues, including failure to change or charge batteries.

  • Any assault, either physical or sexual.

  • Elopements where the resident is gone for a substantial period of time and/or sustains injuries.

  • Injuries involving severe and/or multiple fractures, especially fractures of "unknown origin" and particularly when the resident dies within a short period of time afterwards.

  • Burns to the resident.

  • Incidents with attorney letters that specifically allege some type of negligence or improper care (not necessarily just records requests).

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