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Setting Realistic Expectations Video Packet for Assisted Living Facilities

Many of the lawsuits involving assisted living facilities are brought about by well-meaning family members who mistakenly assume that the facility provides 24-hour, one-to-one care; or they attribute their loved one's physical declines to a lack of care, instead of the natural progression of disease and aging.

This video packet addresses some of the realities of health care and can be used to help educate family members during the admissions process. The producer, Extended Care Products, offers a version of this educational packet for both assisted living and nursing facilities. The video packet includes the following items:

  1. "Setting Realistic Expectations" video.
    This is a 15-minute video that discusses the aging process and the type of care residents can reasonably expect to receive in a frank, straightforward manner.

  2. A list of "Frequently Asked Questions" to review with family members.

  3. A "Suggested Language" document to incorporate into your admission agreement.

How to Order

To order, call Extended Care Products, Inc. at 1-800-807-4553, or order online at the Extended Care Products, Inc. Website.

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An assisted living facility’s ability to adequately defend itself in the event of a lawsuit largely rests on the documentation. Learn more about improving your documentation here.

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